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Docs Pro Plugs - Ear Plugs

Docs Pro Plugs - ear plugs. Full selection of sizes. Designed for swimmers but popular with musicians. Great for taking the edge off of loud noise. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Preformed ear plugs made from Dynaflex, a soft hypoallergenic plastic. They are latex free, very flexible and completely reusable, with memory properties activated by the temperature of your ear to form fit each user's ear auricle. When fitted properly Docs Pro Plugs protect against high frequency hearing loss, while allowing users to hear music and verbal communication clearly; essential for musicians playing loud instruments in high volume environments, such as gigs and practice spaces.

These earplugs with reduce sound (particulary higher frequencies) by approximately 20bB, whilst retaining audio clarity. A typical rock gig or concert will have a noise level of around 120dB, a level that can cause long term damage to your ears if exposed to it for an extended period of time. Docs Pro Plugs allow the user to enjoy watching and playing loud music without the fear of eardrum damage.

Docs Pro Plugs are designed to be non-invasive, inexpensive, and long lasting. They are easily self-fitted and are ready to wear, giving you peace of mind when playing your drums.

Sizes available from X-Small to XX-Large.

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