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Paiste is a Swiss-based Estonian musical instrument manufacturing company who have been operating and making cymbals 1906. It is the world’s third largest manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion and can boast John Bonham amongst their endorsers. Paiste are are responsible for several cymbal-making innovations including the use of B8 bronze as a cymbal alloy, the sound edge hi-hat and unlathed cymbals.

Two developments during the 1970s stand out as having a major influence on Paiste’s work with cymbals. The first is the explosive growth of Heavy Metal, as pioneered by Judas Priest, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Van Halen. The second is the counterculture advent of Punk lead by the Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Jam and The Clash. As ideologically diverse as these styles may be, both are characterised by extreme volume, speed and midrange heavy distortion. Paiste’s answer was the creation of the RUDE series cymbals, whose raw power and energy stems from their hand hammered, un-lathed uniform thickness design, and naturally, the CuSn8 bronze, also known as ‘2002 bronze’. Punk and Heavy Metal drummers like Marky Ramone, Rick Buckler, Alex Van Halen, and Bobby Rondinelli gladly welcomed Rude cymbals into their arsenals and these cymbals continue to be the leading choice of sound for raw, merciless and powerful musical energy in rock, metal, and punk.

Paiste Rude series cymbals have an extremely raw, metallic, powerful sound with lively, bright and energetic tones and heavy mid-range harmonics. These cymbals will cut through in any musical setting, perfect for medium loud to extremely loud drumming. They sound immensely clear and sharp when recorded and will always be present in a live mix.