Swiss made Paiste Cymbals have been at the top of the cymbal game for a long time and can boast John Bonham amongst their endorsers. Check them out here, we offer great value and fast delivery.

Paiste are a swiss based, Estonian cymbal company responsible for many innovations in cymbal making including sound edge hi hats, the first flat ride and the use of B8 bronze in high end cymbals.

Paiste have a huge range of cymbals and can therefore offer something for any drummer, from beginner to professionals. Paiste 101 are our go to recommendation for drummers making their first cymbal upgrades lots of other brands offer brass cymbal packs for beginners but when it comes to quality and value for money we reckon these win out.

Paiste’s 2002, 2002 Black label, Giant Beat and Big Beat cymbals are the choice of many pro drummers and feature the response and depth you would expect from a top of the range cymbal but at a very competitive price.

PST 7’s and PST 8’s are a great mid range option for drummers. Made from B8 bronze the PST 7 range is designed to mimic the more expensive 2002 range but come in at a much more affordable price. PST 8’s feature much heavier hammering a brilliant finish which brings out a whole different world of tones from the cymbals. Paiste’s best selling range is the PST5 rock pack with their clean, bright and focussed sound.

The PST X range features effects style cymbals with more experimental and unusual tonal qualities.