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Remo Inc. is the largest drum head company in the world. For 60 years they have led the way in synthetic drum head and shell development to enhance and expand the possibilities of percussion. Remo Drum Heads are the foremost name in drum skins. Classic ranges such as Ambassador and Emperor and Powerstroke are synonymous with quality and trusted by many.

Remo offer a wide choice of bass drum heads, snare drum heads, tom heads and tom packs to cover drummers of all styles in all situations.

The Powersonic bass drum heads by Remo are a fantastic way to give your bass drum focused low-end with increased attack. The Remo Powersonic is a 2-ply drumhead with two specifically placed subsonic dampening rings. These rings lower the fundamental pitch of the bass drum and provide a more controlled sound. No pillows necessary!

Alongside the subsonic dampening rings, there is an adjustable external snap on dampening system that allows for extra control of the nuances and feel of the bass drum sound.

Included with the Powersonic heads is the Remo Falam Slam impact patch that increases the head durability and attack.

These heads are great for any modern genre, from metal and rock, to pop and hip-hop. There is plenty of adjustability and these heads give you a great modern sound.

Available is sizes 18″ – 24″ clear or coated.