Remo Inc. is the largest drum head company in the world. For 60 years they have led the way in synthetic drum head and shell development to enhance and expand the possibilities of percussion. Remo Drum Heads are the foremost name in drum skins. Classic ranges such as Ambassador and Emperor and Powerstroke are synonymous with quality and trusted by many.

Remo offer a wide choice of bass drum heads, snare drum heads, tom heads and tom packs to cover drummers of all styles in all situations.

Ambassador is Remo’s standard single ply range. Bright and durable these heads come as standard on many kits and are the starting place for many drummers. The 14″ Coated Ambassador is the most popular snare head in the world.

Emperors are double ply which makes them more durable and warmer than ambassadors but not as bright and defined. Very popular on toms.

Vintage Ambassadors and Vintage Emperors are designed for vintage designed kits with super thin shells. They are thicker than the standard versions so help control the extra resonance in vintage style shells.

Pinstripe is another popular range of Remo head. It is a double ply head with a heat seal ring around the outside of the head to control over tones. Good for toms where you still want to maintain attack but don’t want your drums to sing for too long.

Powerstroke heads come with built in inlay rings that help focus the sound and kill over tones. Powerstroke P3 has a 3 mil inlay ring and is most commonly used as a bass drum head while the Powerstroke 77 has a 7 mil inlay ring and is only available in snare drum sizes. Powerstroke Pro goes a step further by applying a foam dampening ring to the outside of the drum. Much like an Evans Emad.

Controlled Sound heads control over tones with a different approach. A  black dot on the centre under side of the head to adds durability and focusses the drum while giving a retro style.

Powersonic Bass Drum Heads feature two built in dampening rings and a snap on snap off dampening system that puts you in complete control of your bass drums sound.

Remo Silentstroke heads are a mesh head that kills the volume of any kit and turns it into an ideal practise kit.