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Designed in conjunction with American Jazz and Rock drummer Cindy Blackman, Istanbul Agop Signature Series Cindy Blackman cymbals are versatile and bright with a dark crisp edge.

Cindy Blackman is best known for her touring work with Santana and Lenny Kravitz and her work as a Jazz drummer in her own right. This wide range of music that Cindy Blackman plays has lead to Istanbul Agop making her not one but two signature cymbal ranges. Cindy’s original range ‘Om’ are an out and out jazz cymbal that tries to capture the vibier aspects of the golden age of Jazz with the newer ‘Mantra’ range having been designed specifically for her return to playing with Kravitz and the need for something that could handle rock and funk playing while maintaining a jazz edge.

Istanbul Agop, Cindy Blackman Mantra cymbals are more open and versatile than their ‘Om’ counterparts but still retain enough of Cindy’s signature dark and crisp sound.

The Mantra range is a small cymbal range featuring only a set of 15″ Hi Hats, a 20″ Crash and a 22″ Ride.