Istanbul Agop

Istanbul Agop Cymbals

Browse a full range of Istanbul Agop Cymbals at Drum Central. Including the best selling Xist range and the classic sounding Traditional range.

Istanbul in Turkey has long held the title of capital of the cymbal making world with the tradition of hand making cymbals dating back to the 16th Century there. Formed by Agop Tomurcuk around 1978 after the original K factory where he was foreman closed down, Istanbul Agop helped keep alive the art of hand made cymbals when the efficiency of mechanised production lines had all but replaced it.

The Traditional Range of Istanbul Agop cymbals are arguably some of the finest cymbals we have in our shop. Oozing with class and sophistication each cymbal is a work of art. You'll even find it hand signed by the artisan that created it.

Ironically one of their most popular ranges is one of Istanbul Agop's machine finished cymbal ranges. Istanbul Agop Xist offer a chance for drummers to have a shot of this sought after brand without having to commit to the expense of hand made cymbals.  We could recommend them higher. At their price range they really are unrivalled and sound like they should cost a lot more than they do. This is largely to do with the fact that they still use a B20 Bronze the same as high end cymbals.

Despite being a relatively new name on the cymbal making block (compared to some of the bigger turkish companies) Istanbul Agop have some pretty big hitting endorsers, including Cindy Blackman of Santana who has not one but two signature ranges with Istanbul. The Om and The Mantra ranges.