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Meinl have long been one of the market leaders in the percussion world and now have a simply massive range of percussion options for drummers and percussionists to choose from no matter their need or budget.

Meinl Bass Cajons have a unique oversized design that produces extra low end thump.

  • Meinl Percussion Arch Bass Cajon, Maple


    With curved sides in place of traditional straight edge cajon designs, the MEINL Arch Bass Cajon creates enhanced bass notes with its cavernous resonating body. The extra wide curved shape helps devel...

    Estimated delivery by 18/07/2022
  • Meinl Percussion Maple bass Cajon


    The MEINL Maple Bass Snare Cajon with maple frontplate is perfect for players looking for a crisp, responsive cajon that also produces an extra deep thud. The Maple frontplate has a great touch with a...

    Estimated delivery by 18/07/2022