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Meinl have long been one of the market leaders in the percussion world and now have a simply massive range of percussion options for drummers and percussionists to choose from no matter their need or budget.

Meinl Percussion Ranges

The Meinl Headliner Series instruments and hardware options are designed to deliver that classic sound and stable reliability at an incredibly affordable price. Aimed at the beginner level but built with incredible quality these instruments can still hold their own at a professional level.

Meinl’s Woodcraft Series percussion is a range of cajons, bongos and congas aimed at intermediate to professional level players. Professional features with custom touches at an affordable price.

The Meinl Artisan Edition products are some of the highest quality percussion instruments available. A range of cajons and tambourines aimed at the professional musician and hand built to the highest standard by master craftsmen.

Meinl Marathon Series is a series of professional level percussion offered at an impressive price point. Conga’s, bongos and timbales built to the highest standards with impressive finishes.

A huge range of professional artists such as Luis Conte and Diego Gale rely on Meinl to provide their equipment. The Meinl Artist Series Percussion has been designed with these specific players in mind.

Meinl Floatune series drums feature a unique Meinl innovation. The Meinl Floatune tuning system. All mounting hardware is completely isolated from the shell avoiding the need to drill into the shell and mount hardware with bolts. This allows the shell to vibrate and resonate freely producing pure and crystal clear tones. Aimed at professional percussionists.

Meinl Professional Series Percussion features hand carved djembes and bongos and jingle sticks made from the highest quality materials.

The Meinl Fibercraft Series Percussion Range offer djembes and congas that are great quality, durable and resistant to climatic changes. Great for live playing and extensive road use.

Meinl Pickup Series are a range of professional instruments with built in picks ups which allows them to be plugged directly into amplification, removing the need for external mics and making them ideal for quick and easy setup in a live setting.

The Meinl Mini Percussion series is an impressive range of miniature percussion which are ideal as unique and fun gifts.

Meinl Travel Series Percussion is a line of lightweight instruments that prioritise ease of portability while still sounding great. Ideal for musicians on the go or travellers.

Meinl Cajon Ranges

Meinl offer a huge selection of specialist cajons. Meinl Snarecraft Cajons are designed to be accessible to beginners but still look and sound great. Meinl Jam Cajons are slightly smaller than standard cajons offering a fine balance between portability and tonal quality. Meinl Slaptop Cajons are a range of cajons designed to be played on the upper surface removing the need to bend down to play. Meinl Bongo Cajons offer a two tone sound mimicking the sound of traditional bongos. Both Meinl Bass Cajons and Meinl Subwoofer Cajons have unique designs that produce extra low end thump. Meinl’s Make Your Own Cajon range are a great project with a great sounding instrument at the end of. An ideal gift idea for drummers and percussionists.

Meinl Djembe Ranges

Meinl Alpine Series Djembe’s are a range of djembes aimed at players of all levels. Featuring synthetic heads and shells they are ideal for outdoor use and a mechanical tuning system makes for easy tuning. Meinl’s Professional African Style Djembes are carved from plantation grown mahogany and feature hand picked goat skin heads. Meinl Junior Djembes are a range of djembes designed with younger players in mind with bright colours and smaller sizes.

Meinl Tambourine Ranges

Meinl Compact Tambourines are a great space saver. Meinl Recording Combo Tambourines combine brass and nickel jingles for a fuller sound ideal for recording. Meinl Vintage Tambourines feature hammered jingles for a vintage tone. Meinl Gospel Praise and Worship Church Tambourines feature designs that fit in nicely in church settings. Ever popular Meinl Ching Rings are simple tambourines designed to be placed on cymbals allowing drummers to layer a jingle sound. Meinl Backbeat Tambourines do a similar job for drums.

Meinl Cowbell Ranges

Meinl continue their commitment to offer drummers and percussionists at every level an option with their cowbell ranges. Meinl Black Finish Cowbells are designed specifically with modern drum kit players in mind. Meinl Steel Craft Line Cowbells are made with a steel alloy that dials back overtones and resonance to create a rich and temperate tone with plenty of projection. Meinl Chrome and Steel Finish Cowbells are tuned to a diatonic scale making them easy to pair. Meinl Hammered Cowbells will cut through no matter the volume. Meinl Hand Cowbells offer an option for players who don’t require a mount.