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Buy Meinl Cymbals and Percussion at Drum Central. Meinl are one of the most popular brands among modern drummers thanks to their huge range of sounds. We offer great value and fast delivery.


Meinl use 6 different alloys to craft their cymbals which is more than any other cymbal manufacturer is using today. Because of this they are able to offer the widest range of cymbal sound characteristics available.

They craft all types of cymbals from Hi-hats, Crash, Crash-Rides, Ride, Splash, China and Effects. They also create cymbals for marching bands and orchestral purposes.

Cymbals are produced with different finishes such as, Brilliant, Traditional, Dark, Sandblasted and Raw to give them different tonal qualities. They are also produced using three different techniques, hand hammered, computerised hammering and pressure point technology.

Meinl offer a massive range of cymbals for the professional drummer to choose from. The Classic Custom, Classics Custom Dark, Byzance Vintage, Byzance TraditionalByzance Brilliant, Byzance Dark, Byzance JazzByzance Extra Dry and Byzance Foundry Reserve ranges all offer different sonic palettes to satisfy even the fussiest drummers.

Meinl's HCS and HCS Bronze ranges offer different entry points for drummers buying their first cymbal packs. The HCS are great value starting at only £19. HCS Bronze are slightly more expensive but allow entry level players to get into using bronze cymbals instead of brass.

The Artist Concept Series is where Meinl allows it's vast array of celebrity drum endorsers to get creative, building the sounds they need for their own individual sound. This range includes Anika Nilles' Deep Hats, Benny Greb's Crash Hats, Luke Holland's Bullet Stack, Matt Halpern's Double Down Stack, Thomas Lang's Super Stack, and Matt Garstka's Fat Stack.

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