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German musical instrument manufacturers Meinl are one of the biggest names in the musical instrument world so much so that the Meinl brand now takes on several different guises all serving drummers and percussionists in different ways.

Meinl Cymbals

In recent years Meinl Cymbals have become some of the most sought after cymbals on the market with a host of big name artists making Meinl the brand they trust at the highest level. As with everything they do Meinl bring the same exacting standards to their beginner cymbals as they do to their professional ranges.

Meinl Percussion

Meinl Percussion has developed a reputation that stands for both quality and innovation. Many of Meinl’s own percussion creations have gone on to become essentials for modern percussionists but that doesn’t stop them being able to perfect a classic either.

Meinl Drum Gear

With so many drummers relying on Meinl Cymbals it was inevitable that their would be demand for Meinl to produce hardware and accessories for drummers such as drum mats, bags and cases and more. Find them all here in Meinl Drum Gear.

Meinl Stick and Brush

The newest expansion of Meinl has seen them venture into the world of sticks and brushes for drums and percussion. Meinl cajon brushes are already very popular and with artists like Luke Holland switching to the sticks it won’t be long until Meinl drumsticks are yet another household name.

Meinl Sonic Energy

Meinl Sonic Energy instruments feature all the trusted expertise of Meinl percussion but with a focus on spirituality. A huge range of gongs and singing bowls and much more sure to help you on your spiritual journey.

Meinl Viva Rhythm

Meinl Viva Rhythm is a range of percussion instruments that are designed specifically for drum circles and rhythm groups. With a focus on community these instruments are designed to be fun!