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HHX are Sabian’s modern take on their Hand Hammered (HH) cymbals; an innovative line that possesses traditional, dark tones as well as an explosive cut. Their signature ‘Tone Projection’ gives each cymbal HHX a brightness and aggressiveness that stands out above other hand hammered cymbals which typically possess only the dark tones and qualities. Until Sabian produced the HHX series, it was impossible to project ‘darkness’ in cymbals. This ability to have a dark, simmering sound with the addition of explosive projection and rapid decay is a result of 6 years of hard work from Sabian’s Vault team.

Like all professional cymbal ranges from Sabian, HHX cymbals are made with high quality B20 bronze. Each cymbal is hammered extensively by hand, with many of the cymbals in this range left with a raw, unlathed bell. This gives the bell of the cymbal a particularly dark yet cutting sound, ideal for drummers in heavier rock music styles.

Sabian HHX Complex are fast becoming the most popular in the HHX range.  Featuring a combination of HH and HHX hammering, raw hammered bells, and proprietary technology, HHX Complex are some of the richest, sweetest cymbals Sabian has ever produced.

The Sabian HHX Legacy range are a series of cymbals developed with Dave Weckl; punchy, dark and complex cymbals designed to be capable of being played loud whilst always remaining musical.

Sabian HHX Anthology designed with Jojo Mayer have been created to be the most versatile cymbals Sabian has ever offered. Developed over three years and designed to enhance every drummer’s capability in different musical styles and situations.

Sabian HHX Evolution was designed through a collaboration between drum legend Dave Weckl and the Sabian Vault team in an effort to produce soft buttery crashes with a glassy attack. The modern dark projection of the HHX range proved to be the perfect foil for this mission.

Sabian HHX X-Plosion are a development of the modern dark sound with even more attack and projection than the standard HHX.