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Sabian introduced the Hand Hammered (HH) range in 1982, these were the cymbals that made drummers all over the world fall in love with Sabian. This marked a peak in craftsmanship for cymbal making, giving each cymbal a complex and unique sound through the method of repeatedly hammering each cymbal hundreds of times by hand. 35 years on, Sabian introduced the exciting new range of HH Remastered cymbals, treating them to a well deserved makeover. Sabian promises that with even more hammering, the profile of each individual cymbal has been carefully thought out and worked for the cymbal to more sonically effective and musically responsive. We can now expect a single pair of 14″ hi-hats to be hammered up to 2000 times, and a 24″ ride cymbal up to a massive 4000 times! This treatment gives every cymbal in the HH range a dark, classic sound. However, as well as the rich and traditional tones you would expect from handcrafted cymbals like this, the remastered HH series possess a little more brightness, which equips them with more more attack, making Sabian HH a much more versatile cymbal range than ever before.