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Hotsticks Drumsticks

Browse the extensive range of Hotsticks Drum Sticks. Painted Art Sticks and Wrapped Macrolus Sticks at Drum Central. Prices from £9.99.

Not everyone is obsessed with weight, balance and tip type when it comes to choosing a pair of drumsticks, sometimes drummers just want them to look cool. This is where Hotsticks come in.

Hotsticks are the original coloured drumstick. Since the 1970's when Hotsticks pioneered methods of applying automotive quality finishes onto high quality drumsticks they created the first coloured drumsticks. These days Hotsticks offer drumsticks in a huge amount of finishes.

Macrolus drumsticks feature exclusive reflective wraps for stunning visual effects that look as great on stage as they do in the bedroom. The Art Stick range is packed full of unique designs painted directly on the stick and are hugely popular with younger drummers.

A unique feature of Hotsticks is the 'Hotstick's Strike Zone' which is created by compressing the top layers of wood in the rim-shot area of the drumstick with a 5-ton press for extra durability, making Hotsticks far more than a novelty for kids.