Browse a massive range of high quality drum hardware and spares from Gibraltar. Cymbal stands, drum clamps, drum keys, hi hat clutches and more. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Gibraltar are one of the leading specialists in innovative and efficient hardware, used by world famous drummers such as Lamb of God’s Chris Adler and cuban session percussionist Luis Conte performing with artists like Madonna and Eric Clapton.

Drum hardware is a fundamental element of any setup – whether it’s cymbal stands, a hi-hat clutch or a tom holder clamp – nearly every component of your kit will be mounted using some form of hardware. Gibraltar offer an extensive range of hardware including drum stools, drum racks, snare stands, cymbal stands, clamps/add ons and accessories. One of their most popular items is the 9608 Drum Stool, a solid heavyweight drum throne made to last! With top grade foam, adjustable height mechanism, memory lock, and rock solid double braced leg base; this could be the last stool you ever buy.

Full hardware packs like the 5700PK 5000 Series Hardware Pack come as a full set of professional hardware including hi-hat stand, snare stand, straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, and a single bass drum pedal. These packs give a full setup for your drums and cymbals at a discounted price buying as a bundle.

Accessories available include bass drum beaters, percussion holders, cymbal felts, drum keys, and their innovative Cymbal Swing Nut allowing for quick and easy cymbal mounting.

  • Gibraltar 5709 Boom Cymbal Stand


    Gibraltar 5000 Series hardware is Gibraltar's medium weight range of stands and pedals for drums. With a medium weight build coupled with the sturdy design of double braced legs these stands are aimed...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar 6608 Double Braced Moto Style Throne


    The Gibraltar 6000 Series Moto Seat Throne perfect for those looking to add a little more comfort to their lives. It features double braced legs for extra stability and durability. The height can be a...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar 6713E Electronics Mounting Stand


    The Gibraltar 6713E Electronics Mounting Stand is ideal for mounting a whole range of electronic drum modules without the need for an additional clamp. Great as a tidy all in one option for mounting a...

    Estimated Delivery Date 26/12/2023
  • Gibraltar 8706 Flat Base Snare Stand


    The Gibraltar 8706 Flat Base Snare Stand features a single lock basket tilter and extends 15" to 24". It's perfect for 10" to 15" snare drums with metal hoops and can fit a 14" with wood hoops. This s...

    Estimated Delivery Date 26/12/2023
  • GIBRALTAR 9000 Series Dome Throne, Black


    The Gibraltar 9000 Series Dome Drum Throne is a round drum throne that promotes healthy posture. It features a dome shaped top which improves posture, balance, circulation and core strength. It featur...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar 9608SFT Softy Throne


    The Gibraltar Softy Throne features a 5" thick, soft, round seat top packed with top grade memory foam for maximum comfort. The base is rock solid featuring double braced legs with rubber feet and it...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • GIBRALTAR Adjustable Right Angle Clamp, 1 Pack


    A strong, durable "T" style right angled rack clamp with 360-degree adjustability. This clamp features a geared portion which allows the clamp to rotate 360-degrees freely. Once the desired angle has...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar Bass Drum Anchor


    Gibraltar Bass Drum Anchor. Have you got a bass drum that just wont stay in place? Nothing ruins the fun of a gig or a practise more than constantly having to chase your bass drum across the stage. Gi...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar Bass Drum Lifter


    The Gibraltar Bass Drum Lifter raises small bass drums 2 inches (adjustable) off the ground. This gives your bass drum increased projection and can make your set up more conformable. Ideal for 18" and...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar Bass Pedal Cowbell Mount SC-CBPM


    The Gibraltar Bass Pedal Cowbell Mount allows you to play your cowbell with your bass pedal. It is very easy to set up, simply attach your pedal to the base and attach your cowbell or percussion block...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar Curved Front Rack


    The Gibraltar Chrome Basic Curved Rack features 2x30" vertical legs, a 46" curved cross bar and 2 boom cymbal arms. It legs a T-shaped with rubber feet offering maximum stability when playing live and...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023
  • Gibraltar Cymbal Arm


    The Gibraltar Cymbal Arm is boom arm capable of holding cymbals of all sizes. It features a 14" down tube and a 7/8" diameter. The 16" boom allows you to position your cymbals easily in your preferred...

    Estimated Delivery Date 12/12/2023