Pipe Band Marching Sticks

Pipe Band Marching Sticks

Buy pipe band marching sticks at Drum Central. We have all a wide selection from all the top ranges such as ProMark and Vic Firth.

Pipe band marching sticks are thicker with a different weight and balance from kit sticks. With more focus on the response of the stick rather than the ability to move it round the kit. Marching sticks are designed to encourage the tip to bounce easier allowing for quick doubles and controlled rolls.

World champion snare drummer and leading drummer of the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band Stephen Creighton endorses ProMark and ProMark have created two signature sticks in his name. One with the ProMark’s ActiveGrip coating which actually makes the stick grip better as the players hands get sweaty and a more traditional painted model.

Vic Firth are the leading name in drumsticks and they bring that knowledge to the world of marching drum sticks too. The Vic Firth Corpmaster range draws on their years of experience working with the worlds top marching bands and offers a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and tapers for snare drum players. The MS6CO is designed as a practice stick, with a rubber tip which makes it suitable for practising on almost any surface. Who needs practise pads!