Kick Drum Pedals

Kick Drum Pedals

Kick drum pedals from all the top brands, including DW, Mapex, Pearl and many more. We offer great value with fast delivery.

When William F. Ludwig invented the kick drum pedal at the begedinning of 20th Century he helped invent the modern drum kit by allowing drummers to move beyond what had previously been called double drumming (the art of playing two drums at once).

The kick drum drives the energy of the kit and often underpins the entire band. It’s important to make sure your bass drum pedal packs the punch you want it to.

The cheapest bass drum pedal we offer is the Mapex Tornado at only £25 it’s a no thrills starter pedal at an unbeatable price perfect for those getting started and not ready to commit to something more expensive.

At the other end of the price scale we have the DW 9000 a legendary pedal with a super light and quick action it’s like having your foot rested on a bed of air. A regular choice of the pros, thanks to being hugely customisable.

Double chain kick drum pedals are generally seen as higher quality than single chain pedals but some drummers find they enjoy the directness of a single chain bass drum pedal. The Pearl Demonater P-930 is a firm favourite with many pro drummers despite it’s relatively low price.