Bass Drum Lifters & Anchors

Best deals on bass drum lifters & anchors at Drum Central. Stop chasing that bass drum across the stage now. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Nothing ruins the enjoyment of a gig or practise session more than having to chase a bass drum across the room. This selection of bass drum lifters & anchors are here to save the day and get your bass drum sitting how it should.

Particularly on vintage kits where the bass drum spurs weren’t quite as well designed as modern kits fitting a Gibraltar bass drum anchor to the front of the bass drum or K Brakes to the feet of the spurs can stop that annoying bass drum creep.

Of course a proper drum mat is also a good cure of bass drum creep.

Some of the lifters displayed here are to raise up smaller bass drums and give them the playability of larger drums. By raising the drum off the ground this also has the effect of increasing the resonance of the drum.

The Pearl Jungle Gig adapter is an excellent product for easily converting floor toms into kick drum without damaging the original drum. Great for setting up for making a travel kit option out of your full size kit.

  • Gibraltar Bass Drum Lifter


    The Gibraltar Bass Drum Lifter raises small bass drums 2 inches (adjustable) off the ground. This gives your bass drum increased projection and can make your set up more conformable. Ideal for 18" and...

    Estimated Delivery Date 24/05/2024
  • Kickblock Bass Drum Anchor – Black


    KickBlock grabs your drum rug and puts a shock-absorbing wall in front of your kit. So your kick can't move no matter how hard you play. Shock-absorbing foam takes the beating and protects your kit fr...

  • DW 9000 Series 9909 Bass Drum and Percussion Lifter


    The patented design of the 9909 Bass Drum/Percussion lifter not only holds a variety of tom and bass drum sizes, it also cradles any size percussion instrument, allowing it to be played with a ped...

    Estimated Delivery Date 03/06/2024
  • Gibraltar SC-SFBA Standfirm Bass Drum Anchor Strap (2/pack)


    Gibraltar SC-SFBA Standfirm Bass Drum Anchor Strap (2/pack) – Anchors bass drum to carpet to prevent the drum from sliding forward when being played – Fixed with Velcro arms to wrap around t...

    Estimated Delivery Date 18/06/2024