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Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Ear Protection for Drummers. Ear plugs and isolation headphones from all the top brands at Drum Central. Including Pro Plugs and Alpine Music Safe.

Protecting your ears when drumming is essential. We witness plenty of drummers coming into our shop with bad hearing and tinnitus who wish they had started looking after their ears earlier. You only get one set of ears so look after them now.

We have a great range of ear plugs and isolation headphones so that you can find the ear protection that suits you.

Alpine Music Safe ear plugs are an industry standard ear plug made from a comfortably soft silicone, they rest in your ear with minimum irritation and provide all the protection you need. With three different filters available with them you can choose what level of attenuation you want making the suitable for almost every possibility. They also come with a handy carry case.

Docs pro plugs are more designed for swimmers to keep water out of their ears but have become so popular with musicians that they have begun to market them that way too. They don’t offer the same level of protection that Music Safe plugs do but some musicians prefer the slight affect they have.

Isolation headphones are a lot bulkier and noticeable than earplugs but they do have the added bonus that you don’t have to stick anything in your ear to use them and they are less likely to get lost.