Music Stands

Music Stands

Check out our range of music stands suitable for all kinds of instruments. Prices start at £10.49. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Music stands are an important part of any practice setup and having the right one can make life a lot easier. These music stands are fully adjustable and suitable for musicians playing any instrument. The cheaper foldable stands are a great budget option and very useful for anyone who travels with their stand regularly and wants to be able to carry it in one had. The larger orchestral stands break down into two pieces but the upper half is a solid panel that can not be folded away making it a little more cumbersome to transport.

What the larger orchestral stand lacks in portability it makes up for instability with the rigid back plate of the upper section ensuring your book or sheet music stays where you want it to. Orchestral stands are also larger allowing for more pages to be visible at once and therefore less page turning may be required.

With drums its important to have a stand you can manoeuvre into almost any spot as unlike other instruments, you can not easily bring the drums over to a misplaced stand. Each of the stands listed here should offer the flexibility needed for almost any drummers setup.