Drum Microphones

Drum Microphones

Drum Microphones from top brands such as Sabian and Stagg. Browse microphones designed specifically to get the best out of your drums. We offer great value and fast delivery.

No matter how great your drums are or how hard you hit, there are some gigs where the acoustic sound of your drums just isn’t enough. This is when you need a set of drum microphones to help carry your sound to the audience. There’s no point having a great sounding kit or cymbals if the audience isn’t hearing it properly. Or worse having your sound ruined by microphones that aren’t up to the job.

Any microphone being used on a drum performance needs to be able to handle high volume scenarios whilst not giving up on the subtleties and nuances of the drums. The microphones we have listed below are ones that we think are up for the job.

The Sabian Sound Kit is a great tool for the gigging drummer allowing you to mic your kit in a classic three mic setup with a kick mic and two overheads. The mics then plug into a dedicated mixer with pretuned channels where adjustments can be made before sending them to the bands main mixer as one channel. An elegant solution to the lack of inputs most bands struggle with, while also keeping control of the drum mix at the drummers finger tips.

  • Meinl Percussion Percussion Microphone


    The MEINL Percussion Microphone is a low-profile condenser mic with adhesive backing that sticks to the inside of acoustic percussion instruments like cajons, congas, djembes or frame drums. Great for...

    Estimated Delivery Date 13/07/2024