Bass Drum Beaters

Bass Drum Beaters

Bass Drum Beaters from top brands such as Pearl and Vic Firth. Prices start from £9.99. Full range of different materials available to perfect your sound. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Replacing your bass drum beater can give your bass drum a completely different tone. Choose a wood beater to give extra attack to each stroke or a plastic beater that brings out a click or even a fluffy felt beater that increases warmth and low end.

Replacing your bass drum beater can give your pedal a different sound with a heavier beater giving more power and a lighter one feeling faster and more agile.

The Vic Kick range has a wide choice to choose from and even has a beater specifically for use on cajons.

Just looking for a cheap and cheerful replacement option for a beginner pedal then look no further than the stagg beater. At only £9.99 it’s great value for money with two choices of material, plastic or felt. For only a little bit more though the gibraltar G5 beater has a little bit more weight and an improved feel.

For maximum flexibility the Pearl Quad Beater features two plastic faces and two felt faces all of which produce different sounds