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Kick Drum Cases

Kick Drum Cases

Kick Drum Cases

Best prices on kick drum cases from Protection Racket, Hardcase, and more. Free delivery on orders over £100. Kick drum bags from £64.99.

Looking after your drums is important. We have a full range of  cases and bags to fit any brand of drum.

Bass sizes are from 18″ to 24″ if your drum is larger or smaller than this you may have to look in a different category.

Protection Racket are the leading brand in soft cases for drums. Their high quality materials and build quality has made them a name that gigging drummers around the world trust. Their fur lined soft cases make sure that your drum arrives in style. Lightweight and easy to move, ideal for drummers on the go.

Hardcase offer (not surprisingly) hard cases for drums. Offering the utmost protection for drums these hard plastic shells offer peace of mind for when your drum kit is being transported in  the back of vans and planes. A bit more bulky than soft cases but near enough indestructible and some of  the bigger sizes come with wheels! Ideal for the touring drummer.

Stagg kick drum bags are a budget option, similar to the Protection Racket cases in design but made from lower grade materials they are cheap but still reliable way to protect your drum.