Snare Drum Wires

Snare Drum Wires

Browse our huge range of replacement snare drum wires. From top brands including PureSound, Pearl and Stagg. Prices start from £9.99. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Broken, damaged or even just over stretched snare wires have a huge detrimental effect on the sound of your snare drum. You might not have noticed it degrading over time but when you make the upgrade you’ll certainly hear an improvement in your drum. Even if your wires aren’t damaged, swapping out some cheaper steel wires for quality brass wires can bring new life to a drum. You’d be surprised but some high quality snare drums ship with low quality wires as standard and are calling out for replacements.

PureSound are the market leaders in snare wires and rightly so. Their brass wires are of the highest standard and are an upgrade on any drum that doesn’t already have them. Both Pearl and Stagg offer cheaper steel snare wires for those just looking to do a repair on the cheap.

PureSound Equaliser snare wires answer that age old question of how to stop sympathetic vibration of the snare drum caused by other instruments such as the bass guitar or bass drum. By putting a large gap in the middle of the wires PureSound have come up with a way of cutting sympathetic vibrations to a minimum. This makes them ideal for use in recording studios.