Drum Dampening

Drum Dampening options such as Moongel, Big Fat Snare Drum, Evans E Rings, Snare Weights and more. Prices start at just £3.50. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Dampening drums is often the only way to control the overtones on some drums and the only way to get that tight modern studio sound that we’ve become accustomed to hearing. This can also help hide a myriad of sins on cheaper kits and have them sounding far more controlled.

Moongel is probably the most commonly used method of dampening a drum. These little blue (and also clear) sticky patches and do a fantastic job of lowering overtones. They will stay on as you move your drum too so you can almost forget they are there.

Evans E Rings are the cheapest option for dampening an individual drum. You wouldn’t think that placing a simple plastic ring round the outside of your head would have such an affect until you try it. They come in 10″, 12″ and 13″ versions.

Big Fat Snare Drum take what E Rings do to a new level and their products cover most if not all of your original drum head. This lowers the tone of your snare as well as focussing the over tones. It’s like having a second snare option with you. Great if you’re looking for that fat 70s sound.

Snare weights are the most expensive option for controlling drums but are becoming increasingly popular because of the way they open up and allow the full ring of the drum briefly before dampening.