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Vater Drumsticks

Browse through a huge range of Vater drumsticks and accessories including their popular Sugar Maple and Players Design range.

Vater have been making drumsticks since the 1950's but despite this have remained less of a household name than some of their competitors mostly because up until the 1980's they were simply making sticks for their modern day rivals Vic Firth. As soon as they started making their own sticks Vater began to innovate, becoming one of the first companies to offer custom sticks. They did this for big names such as Elvin Jones and Buddy Rich. These days they list Chad Smith and his funk blaster stick amongst their star studded Players Design Range.

Vater guarantees their sticks will be “straighter, more consistent and of higher quality than all other leading drumstick manufacturers”. Whether or not this is true is a matter of opinion that most drummers could argue all day about. Vater sticks typically are made with higher moisture content than other drumsticks, which is intended to create more durable sticks, though this does result in a slightly heavier stick.

Despite this slightly higher moisture content and weight it is Vater's super light Sugar Maple sticks that are generally the most popular amongst drummers today.