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Vic Firth Vic Grip

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Vic Firth Drumsticks are the biggest selling drum sticks world wide. What is now the leading name in drumsticks was created out of necessity rather than design. When full time percussionist Vic Firth was in need of a higher quality of stick for some music he was playing, dissatisfied with the choices out there, he took it upon himself to whittle his own. These early designs were sent to a professional mill to be recreated and would go onto become the SD1 and SD2 that we know these days. Although the sticks were originally designed only for his own use, they became so popular with his students that Vic Firth eventually began to sell them.

Vic Grip is an anti-slip drumstick coating that provides a comfortable and slip resistant grip to top selling American Classic models. The specially formulated material is extremely durable and an ideal choice for players who prefer an enhanced grip on their sticks. Play longer, harder, and faster with less fear of dropping a stick with Vic Firth Vic Grip sticks!