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American drum makers Mapex are well known for offering high quality and great value drum kits at every price point. Mars is Mapex's intermediate range offering an excellent option for drummers looking to make the step up from a starter to kit to something that will not only look and sound great on stage but will also withstand the harsh treatment a gigging kit needs to be able to take.

The all birch shells of Mapex Mars kits benefit from the Mapex SONIClear bearing edge technology that features on Mapex's higher end drum kits. SONIClear bearing edges increase contact between the head and shell resulting in a truer fundamental pitch and easier tuning. Birch has always been a popular wood for drum makers with its naturally eq'd sound with a focus on low end and attack. These drums offer a powerful modern sound and some drummers might never find themselves looking to spend anymore.

Mapex Mars kits are available in a variety of configurations and bass drum sizes, 18" Bebop, 22" Retro Fusion Cross Over, 22" Rock and 24" Big Beat, meaning there is something for every drummer no matter what their preference. Mars kits are all finished in unique looking, wood effect wraps which make these kits the type to stand out in a crowd.

Mapex Mars, 600 Series hardware is the best selling range of Mapex hardware outside of their budget Tornado range. It is extremely reliable with just enough weight to give you confidence it'll stay up without weighing a tonne and doesn't cost the earth either. Despite being priced as mid range hardware Mapex Mars hardware wouldn't look out of place next to the most professional of drum kits.