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Mapex Drums

Mapex make drums for every drummer right through from beginners to the most demanding professionals. Their Tornado, Storm, Mars, Armory, Saturn, and BP Design Labs ranges offer something for drummers at every stage of their career. With a huge range of Drum Kits, Snare Drums, Hardware, Cymbal Stands, Snare Stands and Kick Pedals available Mapex are a force to be reckoned with. We offer great value and fast delivery.

One of the most popular ranges Mapex offer is their Tornado range. As it's built in the same factory as Mapex's high end Saturn kits, The Mapex tornado range is great sounding and reliable. Entry level drum gear that you can rely on to not fall to pieces a few months down the line.

Black Panther snare drums were for years a legendary drum known for a pro level sound at a competitive price. These days there are a whole range of Black Panthers to choose from. No matter what your style. This range has been expanded further with the creation of BP Design Lab drums which blend years of drum making experience with cutting edge technology to make some of the finest drums Mapex have ever produced.

Armory snare drums are like the little brother of the Black Panther's but with most of them coming in at just under £200 they are a hard to rival choice for drummers who are making their first upgrade to a kit. The MPX range also offers surprising quality below £100. We highly recommend the MPX Steel Piccolo as a cheap way to add a second snare to your setup.