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American drum makers Mapex are well known for offering high quality and great value drum kits at every price point. Saturn has been one of Mapex’s top ranges of drum kits for a long time and set the standard that the rest of their ranges aspire to.

Mapex Saturn V kits aim to capture the best of the golden age of drumming and bring it into the modern age. The maple and walnut hybrid shells benefit from the Mapex SONIClear bearing edge technology that increase contact between the head and shell resulting in a truer fundamental pitch and easier tuning. With a warm tone reminiscent of the best vintage kits but with the attack of modern kits it’s no wonder Mapex Saturn drum kits are seen on stages around the world so often.

Advanced mounting hardware included with Saturn V drum kits hold the drums with as little force as possible so that maximum resonance is produced from each shell.

Buying a drum kit like a Mapex Saturn V is a long term investment that you want to be in love with. For that reason they come in a huge range of configurations and high end finishes.

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