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Remo Inc. is the largest drum head company in the world. For 60 years they have led the way in synthetic drum head and shell development to enhance and expand the possibilities of percussion. Remo Drum Heads are the foremost name in drum skins. Classic ranges such as Ambassador and Emperor and Powerstroke are synonymous with quality and trusted by many.

Remo offer a wide choice of bass drum heads, snare drum heads, tom heads and tom packs to cover drummers of all styles in all situations.

Remo Controlled Sound black dot drum heads feature focused midrange tones with a well-defined attack. Constructed with 1-ply of 10-mil clear or coated film and a 5-mil top black dot, Controlled Sound clear drum heads provide articulate attack and projection with added durability. Controlled Sound Coated heads have a similar configuration but with a 10-mil coated film on top, and this head features focused midrange tones with added durability. On both the clear and coated Remo Controlled Sound heads, the outer area offers enhanced tone and sensitivity while the centre black dot adds durability and overtone control.