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Japanese Multi National corporation Yamaha make pretty much everything. Motorcycles, Scooters, Outboards, WaveRunners, Boats, Utility ATV’s, Sport Quads, Generators… you name it, Yamaha probably make it and they probably make it very well. Specialising in high quality products in all areas as given Yamaha a solid reputation around the world whatever they are making. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Far from being the after thought of a giant corporation, music remains at the centre of Yamaha’s focus. Yamaha originally started life as a musical instrument manufacturer and this is evidenced these days in the tuning forks that appear in their logo.

The Stage Custom Birch drum kits employ 100% birch shells in 6 plys. Birch is a classic drum making wood with a naturally EQ’s sound delivering low end punch and high end cut with a natural scoop in the mids. The Y.E.S.S. tom mounts included with this kit allow the shells to resonate uninhibited so that the shells can reach their full sonic potential. This is a great kit for drummers looking to make the step on to a real kit that they can trust both live and in the studio.