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Yamaha Drums

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Yamaha drums are experts in both Acoustic and Electronic drum kits. Browse them here. 30 day money back guarantee and 2 years warranty as standard. Shop with confidence at Drum Central, the home of drummers since 1999.

Japanese Multi National corporation Yamaha make pretty much everything. Motorcycles, Scooters, Outboards, WaveRunners, Boats, Utility ATV's, Sport Quads, Generators... you name it, Yamaha probably make it and they probably make it very well. Specialising in high quality products in all areas as given Yamaha a solid reputation around the world whatever they are making.

Far from being the after thought of a giant corporation, music remains at the centre of Yamaha's focus. Yamaha originally started life as a musical instrument manufacturer and this is evidenced these days in the tuning forks that appear in their logo.

We highly recommend Yamaha's electronic drum kits. The ability that Yamaha have to sample their own acoustic drum kits puts them at an advantage over every other mainstream electronic kit dealer. In addition to this at every price point you tend to get more advanced capabilities than their rivals.

Yamaha DTX402 series electronic drum kits are a great kit for both beginners and intermediates. Highly recommended as a starter kit that you won't soon outgrow and want to upgrade.

The Yamaha DTX6 Series is everything a serious drummer is likely to want in an at home practise kit. Their silicone pads are the most realistic and responsive pads out there and leave mesh heads far behind.

Of course before electric drum kits had ever became main stream Yamaha had already built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of acoustic drum kits. The Yamaha Rydeen kit is a great way to get into playing Yamaha drums without breaking the bank.

The Yamaha Stage Custom has become famous as a solid kit ideal for upgrading to when you are ready to take your music onto the stage or into the studio.

Yamaha Crosstown Hardware lead the pack when it comes to lightweight easily transported hardware. You really need to hold these stands to believe just how light they are.

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