Protection Racket Drum Cases and Bags are some of the best available. Check out their full range here including drum mats and hardware bags. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Protection Racket have been taking care of drummer’s drums since 1994 and have become the industry leader in soft carry cases for all types of drum equipment.

Their unique Racketex outer coating is made off 600 denier polyester so can withstand almost any weather or temperature. 100% Water proof to keep your gear safe from the elements. The Propile inner layer which resembles a soft fleece is a completely non abrasive material that has your drums travelling in style. It actually removes any moisture that found it’s way onto your drum while it was out and actually polishes your drums in transit.

Protection Racket deluxe cymbal bags are some of the best quality cymbal bags out there and are one of the very few things we all agree on at Drum Central, we all use them! But for those of you on a tight budget who still want a quality build that will last the standard cymbal bag is a great option too.

Protection Racket hardware bags are the hardest wearing luggage bags you’ve ever came across. Able to easily withstand the strains of heavy drum hardware and sized perfectly to fit in the back of most cars.

Protection Racket drum mats are extremely heavy duty and are the choice of many professionals, to be sure their gear isn’t going any where during a show.