Drum Kit Percussion

Drum Kit Percussion

Great deals on drum kit percussion, such as cowbells, jam blocks, ching rings and drum set tambourines from top brands like LP, Pearl, Meinl and RhythmTec.

Drum kit percussion is a fun and flexible way to add a whole host of sounds to your kit. From as little as £9.99 you can add a Meinl Ching Ring to your hi-hat.

Cowbells have been a popular addition to drum kits for many years now. A relatively cheap way to widen your sonic palette with plenty of flexible mounting options that will work with any kit. Jam Blocks are a plastic version of the more traditional cowbells. They give out a slightly more subtle tone when struck. Just like cowbells they come in a variety of sizes, giving you a choice of pitch.

The LP Ridge Rider Cowbell, available in the classic rock ridge and the rock ridge,  is a stand out model. Featuring a plastic playing area on a metal bell it gives you the cutting tone of a traditional cowbell without damaging your sticks!

Another drum central favourite is the LP Click Hats. What looks like a simple hi hat tambourine comes equipped with a clever “click” mechanism which allows you to turn on and off the jingles so quickly you could do it during a song. In addition to this the plastic on these tambourines is so durable you can play directly on it with your stick without causing damage. This is certainly not true of all hi hat tambourines.