British Drum Co. The Imp

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The IMP is small, portable but is mighty beyond compare. Every other small kit wants this to be it’s best pal.

  • 16 x 10″ bass drum , 13 x 10″ floor tom, 10 x 6″ rack tom
  • Shell:The IMP shell is a combination of maple, tulip and birch, arranged to optimise volume and projection.
  • Bearing edges: Hand cut, 30-degree
  • Hoops: Triple flange, 2.3 mm, 10 ply
  • Lugs: Diamond chrome-plated full length Palladium lugs and claws
  • Heads: Remo
  • Features: Nyloc lug insert to prevent de-tuning and Finish-Matching reinforcement rings
Shell Design
Cold Press Moulding

“Cold Press Moulding” is key to the British Drum Co’s signature sound. Using years of experience in wood working and drum shell manufacture British Drum Company believe the secret to their sound and the key to a stable drum shell is the absence of heat when pressing and moulding the shells. Timber and shells are allowed to naturally acclimatise to the surrounding environment before and after being moulded. Regarded as the finest shells reviewed by Geoff Nichols of Rhythm Magazine.

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