DW 9000 Rack System

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This is DW’s first attempt at offering a rack system to the market and the fact that they have given it the 9000 name means you know they mean business.

With all the high end features you would expect from hardware in the 9000 range this a rack system built for professionals. A huge range of options means you can design and build the exact setup you desire. The only limitation is your imagination. You can even put the whole thing on lockable wheels for easy positioning. But please do remember to lock them or be ready for some spinal tap worthy, hilarious stage disasters.

If you’re getting started with racks then head straight for the DW 9000 Series Main Drum Rack. This pack will get you started with everything you need for a small kit. The Side Rack is a common next step for expansion. But if you are looking to be a bit more individual feel free to dive into our full range and see what you can come up with.