DW MFG - Machined Pedals

Browse DW MFG pedals at Drum Central. We offer great value and fast delivery. DW's most advanced kick pedal.

Just when you thought the engineering in DW bass drum pedals couldn't get anymore advanced than the 9000. They come along with something that pushes the boundaries even further.

Introducing DW Manufacturing. Boutique, precisely-machined pedals made from aircraft-grade aluminium in California. DW Manufacturing ushers in a new era in Drum Workshop's illustrious pedal-making history. Employing the latest technology and the highest quality materials, these products are made to elevate the art of drumming even further.

Featuring a cool industrial design and excellent build-quality with an all aluminium perforated foot plate for the ultimate light feel these pedals really are in a class of their own. MFG pedals are as space age as they look. Giving you complete control and adaptability. For the drummer that needs to be ready for any situation.

The range started with the direct drive kick pedal but due to it's popularity was soon expanded to include a chain driven option in both single and double and a hi hat pedal.

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