Buy authentic African Kambala Percussion djembes at Drum Central. We have a full range of Djembes of every size. Straight from the Ivory Coast. We offer great value and fast delivery.

It can often be hard in the UK to find truly authentic sounding djembes with many shops selling expensive colourful drums with synthetic heads that are no more than over sized toy drums. Bringing djembes home from your travels can be equally fraught with difficulty as border security are not always keen on letting them through.

Thankfully Kambala Percussion are based in the Ivory Coast so their drums are made in the very heartland that djembes originate from.

Kambala use high grade materials and authentic goat skin heads to make their drums this gives their djembes the response and tonality you would expect from a high quality instrument.

Kambala offer two ranges of djembe, The Bassam and the Professional. The Professional djembes feature a bit more detailed carving and higher quality rope tensioning that helps the drum keep its tuning longer but the Bassam djembe is by no means an amateur drum and is highly rated amongst many serious djembe players.

We currently offer Kambala djembes in size from 9" to 14" with prices starting from £105

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