Kentvile Drums Kangaroo Heads

Browse through the full range of Kentvile Drums Kangaroo Heads. Ideal for vintage drums and those who want the authentic animal skin sound of yesteryear. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Kentvile Kangaroo Heads are a premium product for drummers who are looking for the very best from their drums. If you own an expensive vintage kit then why would you skimp on the heads? The very part that makes the sound, the only bit the stick connects with. Although the vast majority of drum heads have moved to synthetic finishes there is no getting round the fact that some vintage drum kits were made for animal skin heads.

Australian based Kentvile manufacture high quality Kangaroo skin heads that recreate the sound and feel of traditional animal skin heads. Costing roughly four to five times that of  your normal synthetic heads there is no getting round that these are always going to be a hard sell to the every day drummer but these are not for the every day drummer. They have already found popularity amongst jazz players and as more and more drummers hear them then we are convinced that more and more drummers will make the switch.

Available in a variety of thicknesses and a full range of sizes from tom heads to kick drums. An excellent choice if you’re looking to get the absolute best out of your drums.