Shop for Worldmax Snare drums here. High quality snare drums without the high end price. Prices start from £229. Great sounding drums. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Although not a household name to many drummers, almost all drummers will have used a Worldmax product at some point. Worldmax specialise in making parts for other drum makers, such as snare mechs, nut boxes, hoops and tension rods. Such is their expertise in this area that many of the top brands in the world employ them for their own drums.

It makes sense then that Worldmax would combine this expertise and knowledge and make their own high quality snare drums. Their snare drums are an interesting proposition as many of the big name companies they supply parts for can charge a premium purely by adding their name to a drum. Their snare drums offer drummers a chance to own a high end snare drum just without the high end name and the high end price tag.

We highly recommend their Black Brass snare drums which come in 5″ 6″ and the awesomely fat 8″ depth. These drums are very reminiscent of classic Ludwig Black Beauty’s which can cost almost a thousand pounds. Great for anyone who wants that classic tone but could never justify spending so much on an individual drum.