Stagg offer a huge range of products from percussion and cymbals to hardware, spares, cases, music stands and more. Browse them all here. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Belgian company Stagg are the musical jack of all trades. Their company motto of “Gets you playing?” perfectly sums up the ethos of their products. If it exists, you can almost guarantee that they offer an entry level version of it.

We are a big fan of Stagg cajons, available in Red, Natural, Black and Sunburst. Entry level cajons are a tricky thing to get right. No one wants to spend money on a cajon then hit it and find that it sounds like northing more than a dull boring box. Stagg cajons are made from 100% birch (a great wood for drum making) which is rare at this price point which is why we recommend them to anyone looking for an entry level Cajon.

Stagg percussion is great for kids, music therapy, schools and all sorts of other areas where reliability and value is important. It is likely that you’ll recognise many of their products from your childhood.

Another Stagg range that we love is their Lion Chinas. They are priced like entry level chinas but are still made from B20 bronze unlike most cheap cymbals. There’s no doubt they are not as refined as chinas made by more expensive brands but when you are looking for a trashy sounding cymbal that sounds like a bin lid then maybe you don’t need refined?