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Code Drum Heads

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Code Drum Heads are a UK based brand, producing drum heads and drumming accessories. Their ethos is "to provide solid, high quality products at a fraction of the cost of the big established brands." Whilst the main manufacturing processes are completed abroad (all R&D) finishing and quality control is undertaken in-house in the UK. Everything Code does is researched, developed and tested by a drummer for other drummers.

Code offer a wide variety of drum heads for all styles of drummers, and all kinds of drums. Starting with the all important bass drum, Code offer their single ply Blast bass drum batter heads, with built in clear dampening ring, available in both clear and coated finishes. And for the resonant side: single ply Enigma drum heads, available in black or white.

For the toms, Code have a large range of heads to choose from. Single ply DNA and double ply Generator drum heads, similar to Remo Ambassadors and Emperors, both available in clear and coated finishes. For the more acquired tom sound, Code offer their single ply Law clear drum heads with a reinforced surface centre black dot, and their single ply Reso Ring clear resonant heads, with built in dampening ring.

Last but certainly not least, Code have three types of snare head available. Single ply Zero snare batter heads with reinforced reversed centre dot; very similar to a popular Evans snare head. For the heavy hitters, Code offer the double ply TRS snare batter heads with a surface centre dot. And for the underside, their single ply Genetic snare-side heads, available in 3 or 5 mil.