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Drum Central – Paradiddle Shred w/ Rohan Bumbra

Drum Central – Paradiddle Shred w/ Rohan Bumbra

Rohan Bumbra is back with the latest Drum Central drum lesson. Today he has an intense paradiddle shred for you to work on. No excuses… get the practise pad out.

This is a great exercise for building speed and control in the hands. Rohan makes use of the single paradiddle, the double paradiddle and the triple paradiddle in this exercise so if you’ve not got to grips with them yet it might be worth having a little practise of them before you begin.

Single Paradiddle: RLRR LRLL
Double Paradiddle: RLRLRR LRLRLL
Triple Paradiddle: RLRLRLRR LRLRLRLL

The entire second half of this exercise is lead by the left hand which makes it great for drummers who are working towards ambidexterity or just looking to strengthen that weaker left hand.

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