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The Carlsbro CSD500 mesh head drum kit, sensitivity, control and versatility in a rugged and reliable kit all in one kit.

Iconic British brand Carlsbro have been creating great sound since 1959, starting with all-tube guitar amplifiers that have been famously used by artists such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Oasis. Since then they have branched into electronic drum kits and specific drum amplification, with an extensive range including compact budget kits all the way up to professional level 9-piece kits.

A great choice for intermediate drummers or as a practice kit for professionals the Carlsbro CSD500 offers enough control that a professional drummer is likely to satisfied. The CSD500 features dual zone cymbal pads for the hi hat and ride greatly increase realism. Features like a hi hat control that supports foot splash or a bass drum pad that supports double kick means there will be no need to upgrade in the short term.

The Brain

The Commander 500 Drum Module is well designed, easy to use and packed with features. With 29 inbuilt preset drum kits and 358 percussion sounds there is plenty in there to inspire you. The module has 20 demo songs built into but it also benefits from an aux in port that allows you to plug in your phone or tablet and play your own backing tracks. A MIDI port allows you to connect your kit to any computer and use outboard sounds to which means this kit can work as part of a studio setup. A line output and a headphone allows you to choose whether you are going to use headphones or a drum amp with this kit.

The Mesh Pads

The mesh pads provided with the CSD500 feature generous sizes all round including a 10″ snare pad, it creates a playing experience much closer to the real thing. Mesh heads can be tensioned to get the exact feel you prefer and create less stick noise than rubber pads that are much more common at this price. All pads are dual-zone meaning you can play on the rims or edges and produce different sounds.

The Rack

Fully height adjustable and stable. This drum rack allows this kit to be played by drummers of all shape and sizes.

Learning Aids

The CSD500 drum kit offers a few tools to help you learn, including a metronome with full control of time signature, tempo and volume and a recording and play back function that means you can sit back and listen to how your playing is coming along.