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Evans Black Chrome

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Part of the D'Addario percussion line, Evans provide an extensive range of the highest quality drum heads for snare, bass drum, toms, timpani, marching snare, congas, bongos and timbale. Famed for their efficiency and durability in a live setting, as well as their sound quality and tonal response in a studio setting, they are one of the leading brands of drum heads amongst drummers today.

Evans have been innovating in the drum world for over 60 years and were the first company to offer synthetic (non animal skin) heads to drummers. These days they pin their reputation on their Level 360 technology which they claim offers the best connection with the bearing edge of any drum head and consequently the most consistent tuning.

Evans Black Chrome drum heads have a truly unique design which shortens the sustain of the drum and accentuates the mid-to-low-end frequencies that small drums need to sound rich and deep to match the rest of the kit. These drum heads are constructed from two plies: the top is a 0.178 mm slice of 'optically clear' material, while the lower (finished in a matte black), is slightly thicker at 0.19mm. It's the shiny top layer which gives the heads their mirror-like chromed finish.  These heads are ideal for drummers playing rock, metal and gospel music who want a fast, deadened and punchy response from their drums. Make your kit stand out visually and audibly with Evans Black Chrome drum heads.