Keo Percussion offer a great range of artisan crafted percussion instruments and accessories. An off shoot of British Drum Company, Keo follow the same dedication to quality and attention to detail of their big brother. All of Keo Percussion’s products are hand crafted in the UK. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Forward thinking and ambitious master drum builder Keith Keough has a great knowledge of the acoustic properties in wood. Together with his musicality he has created a wonderful and exciting range of percussion instruments which don’t only sound amazing, but visually look very impressive.

Keo Percussion instruments are a beautiful hybrid of craft and function.
The sensual, tactile qualities if the wood compel you to pick up the instruments and inspire you to play.

All kinds of products are on offer from Practise pads to Luxury Cajons.
Keo Practise pads are handcrafted with a natural gum rubber surface with gives a fast a lively response from the pad. Keo Cajons are perfectly handcrafted using select tone woods and a unique focused snare system to allow better separation of playing zones and increased sensitivity. We challenge you to find a more finely detailed and beautifully finished cajon than the Keo Luxury Cajon. A great option for those who can only accept the best.

  • Keo J-Stick


    - Material: Resin saturated timber, steel jingles, grade A Scandinavian birch - Jingles: 9 pairs - Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 45 x 40 mm (15.7 x 1.78 x 1.6") - Weight: 169 g (0.37 lb)...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Keo Luxury Cajon Windsor Dark


    The Key Luxury Cajon in a Windsor Dark Finish is handcrafted using select tone woods that offer a high end percussion sound that can be easily transported. It features a unique snare system that allo...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Keo Patch For Bass Drum


    KEO BEATER PATCH Control the impact of your pedal beater on your bass drum head with this stylish, but effective beater patch. A generous felt patch is securely attached to Keo branded Scandinavian...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Nicko McBrain Boomer Pad 10″


    - Material: Resin saturated timber, grade A Scandinavian birch, gum rubber pad, sponge rubber base - Dimensions: 255 x 21 mm (10 x 0.8") - Weight: 587 g (1.29 lb)...