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Kuppmen Carbon Fibre Drumsticks and Rods

Buy Kuppmen Carbon Fibre Drum Rods. Light and super durable. Next day delivery available and free delivery on orders over £100

Companies have attempted to sell carbon fibre drum sticks in the past with little success. The appeal of the super light, super durable material is obvious but it's lack of give when connecting with drums and particularly cymbals put drummers off in fear of damaging the expensive parts of their kit. However when we were introduced to Kuppmen's Carbon Fibre drum rods we thought that maybe they have cracked it with these.

The inherent design of drum rods (a bunch of individual dowels loosely bunched together) provides enough give to protect cymbals even with the super hard material, so cymbal damage seen with carbon fibre sticks is not a concern.

Durability has always been a problem with traditional drum rods as the small wooden dowels involved are always going to be brittle and at risk of snapping. By making these dowels out of carbon fibre, Kuppmen have eliminated this issue and have made surely the longest lasting drum rod out there. Costing only a little bit more than established standard rod brands, these could be a great saving in the long run.

Available in three sizes, Kuppmen helpfully use the same sizing codes as we are used to seeing on drum sticks. 5A, 7A, and 5B