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Latin Percussion

LP Latin Percussion

LP Latin Percussion specialise in cowbells, jam blocks, shakers and all sorts of exciting percussion. Have a browse of their huge range here.

For over 50 years, LP have been crafting classic percussion instruments as well as improving old designs and inventing new ones. Their products are among the best when it comes to percussion and they have always met the standards professional musicians expect. Latin Percussion instruments have been featured of thousands of the worlds most famous recordings and are relevant in different musical settings from salsa to classic rock. It is almost impossible to turn on the radio and not hear an LP instrument on the recording.

The LP Classic Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell is the choice of many professionals. For a lively, cutting tone that isn't too harsh on your ears or your drumsticks, thanks to the plastic playing area attached to the top of the bell.

LP Click hats are a favourite of Drum Central. They come in Brass or Nickel and have a cool feature that sets them apart from standard hi hat tambourines. A large plastic button allows you to quickly mute and un-mute your jingles even during the same song.