Ludwig Atlas Classic
  • Ludwig Atlas Classic Saddle Throne


    Atlas Classic vintage style Blue/Olive Vinyl Seat Height Adjustable Locking Spindle High Density Foam Cushion Double Braced Embroidered Logo...

    Estimated Delivery Date 24/05/2024
  • Ludwig Atlas Classic Hi-Hat Stand

    Classic Hi-Hat Stand Aerodisc Bottom Cymbal Tilter: A unique, revolving approach allowing the player to position the bottom hat cymbal to any angle and lock it in place. Adjustable spring tension A...

    Estimated Delivery Date 29/05/2024
  • Ludwig Atlas Classic Round Throne


    Classic Drum Throne - Round Featuring the theme of the original two-tone Atlas Hardware sticker, Atlas thrones come in Classic (blue/olive) colored vinyl with embroidered "block" logo. The seat's thi...

    Estimated Delivery Date 29/05/2024