Pacific Drums and Percussion
Browse Pacific Drums and Percussion at Drum Central. The little brother company of DW. Pacific Drums make the quality of DW drums affordable to the masses. We offer great value and fast delivery.

DW drums are sought are a much sought after high end brand that not everyone can afford. Thankfully they started another company Pacific Drums and Percussion, also known as PDP, to manufacture lower end drum kits, snare drums and hardware that still adheres to the same high standards you would expect of DW.

Far from being a budget brand of DW, PDP are used by many serious players including professionals and session players and have developed a fanbase all of their own.

Their Concept pedals are a slick looking high quality kick drum pedal that comes in at only £115 for a single pedal. DW pedals are known to be some of the best in the industry and you can be sure that PDP pedals will not fall short of the standards set by their bigger brothers.

The Mainstage starter kit from PDP has all the style, class and reliability of high end DW kits but come in at around £550 with all Poplar shells. Making them a serious contender for the ever popular Pearl Export.